Engineering And Design

Preparation is key in our industry as project lead times often exceed five years, yet construction and installation windows can sometimes be quite limited. Throughout all phases, from pre-FEED up to abandonment, the need for unambiguous specifications and procedures are critical to the success of any offshore project. Carefully aligning these parameters with project goals will eventually determine the outcome of the project — and that is our primary focus in the planning and executing of all our engineering works.

  • Mooring System & Design
  • Subsea Architecture
  • Hydrodynamic, Structural Engineering
  • Dry Transportation Consultancy & Operations
  • Drafting & Review of Offshore Project Related Procedures
  • Mooring / Anchor Patterns
  • Anchor Handling / Rig Moves Procedures
  • Mooring & Motion Analysis
  • Sea-Fastening, Grillages Design & Drawings
  • Strength Checks & Calculations
  • Bollard Pull Calculations, Loadout Engineering