Marine Consultancy & Services

At Megamas Resources, we believe marine asset makes up a substantial part of an offshore project execution. Our team is capable of locating suitable asset for any offshore project requirement with the most competitive rate. Leveraging on our extensive network, we are able to identify marine asset of your choice within a reasonable timeline.

  • Time / Spot / Bareboat Charter
  • Sales & Purchase (S&P)
  • Brokering

Oil and Gas terminals and ports require properly scheduled maintenance to ensure minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. Megamas Resources brings our expertise in this segment as we are capable of carrying out the following services:

  • Fender installation, replacement & maintenance
  • CALM buoy inspection and maintenance including removal and replacement
  • Installation engineering, site supervision and manpower supply
  • Lay up assistance for rigs and vessels

Megamas Resources’ team of Master Mariners, Engineers and Naval Architects provides independent third party review and approval for offshore projects. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of offshore activities from simple marine operations to complex and challenging offshore projects. Megamas Resources’ general marine survey and services includes:

  • Marine Surveys & Engineerings Review
  • Vessel’s Inspection & Audit (OVID, CMID, Etc)
  • Drafting & Review of Offshores Project  Related Procedures