Transportation & Installation

Megamas Resources’ multi-disciplined team has many years of experience in complex marine operations and is able to provide valuable early planning and advice to optimize the solutions with regard to vessel and equipment selection, structural design and procedures. Through our strategic engineering arm, we are able to perform related calculations and analysis including but not limited to the following:

Loadout Engineering

  • Stability And Strength Check
  • Ballasting Procedures
  • Quay Side Strength And Mooring Analysis
  • Lifting, Skid Beam, Link Beam Analysis And Design
  • Loadout Procedure

Transportation Engineering

  • Stability / Longitudinal Strength
  • Seakeeping / Station Keeping Analysis
  • Motion Analysis
  • Stowage Plan, Transportation Route And Manual
  • Tow Tug Bollard Pull Calculation
  • Grillage And Sea Fastening Design And Analysis

 Inspection And Supervision

  • Vessel Suitability Survey
  • Grillage And Sea Fastening Inspection
  • Loadout And Installation Supervision
  • Float Over Supervision
  • Pre-lay Anchor Marine Supervision

Installation Engineering

  • Lifting & Upending Analysis
  • Jacket Launching Analysis
  • Installation Aids Design
  • Float-over / Float-on Engineering Including Installation Procedures
  • Coupled Dynamic Lifting Analysis
  • Miscellaneous Mooring Analysis And Procedures

Feasibility Study

  • Vessel Selection
  • Route Planning
  • Suitability And Capability Of Fabrication Yard

Our T&I services currently cover these areas:


  • Conventional installation: pipelines, platforms installation,underwater spool tie ins, shore pull etc.
  • Floater installation: Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) and FPSO installation including mooring pre-set, tensioning and riser hook up.
  • SURF: installation of umbilical, risers and flexibles as part of FPSO completion or as standalone T&I projects.