Megamas Resources has extensive experience in providing platform hook-up and commissioning services on both new and existing facilities through in-house personnel and strategic partnership. This experience allows us to offer superior services.

Engineering & Development Support

Engineering & Development Support

  • Engineering Design & Work Pack Preparation
  • Front End Project Planning & Development
  • Project Procurement, Engineering Cost & Control
  • Construction Planning, Management & Supervision
  • Onshore Fabrication
  • Rejuvenation Of Offshore Platforms & Living Quarters

With our combined years of experience in the construction industry, and our team of seasoned human resources professionals enable us to provide effective skills solution and oriented in a culture of resourcefulness and attention to safety.

Field & Operation Support

Field & Operation Support

  • Onshore Infrastructure & Building Construction
  • Hook-up & Commissioning For Offshore / Onshore Facilities
  • Offshore Structures Topside Maintenance
  • Marine Vessels & Support
  • Construction & Maintenance, Equipment & Personnel Support
  • System Start-Up & Handover
  • Final Documentation