An increasing number of offshore oil and gas facilities are nearing the end of either their design life or economic viability. After years of production, wells run dry eventually and offshore facilities have to be decommissioned. At Megamas Resources, decommissioning solutions cover the entire decommissioning process from preparation through to dismantling, transport for onshore recycling and disposal.

Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning Services

  • Project Management & Engineering Services
  • Marine Vessels & Equipment Support
  • Subsea Infrastructure Removal (Pipelines, Risers, Spools, Wellhead Frames, Etc)
  • Fixed Platforms Removal (Topside & Jacket, Etc)
  • Floating Infrastructure Removal (Turret Buoys, Mid Water Arches, Flowlines, Etc.)
  • Materials Disposal & Site Clearances

The plugging and abandoning (P&A) refer to oil and gas of subsea and platform wells that have reached the end of their working lives, or which have wellbore issues that require closure.

Well-Abandonment Coverage

Well-Abandonment Coverage

  • Technical Studies, Risk Assessment & Integrity Consulting
  • Planning, Development of Plug & Abandonment Programs
  • Rig-less, Subsea Well Abandonment
  • Project Management & Equipment Support
  • Sump Remediation & Drill Site Restoration
  • Site Clearance & Restoration Plans